iPECS-100The IPECS is a fully distributed pure IP communications system that is a revolution for small and medium enterprises. The IPECS Platform combines IP telephony technology with enhanced voice and multimedia capabilities, at a cost that is aligned with the budgetary constraints of the SME.


Max Channel: 100
Max Trunk Channels: 42
Mas Station Channel: 70
Built in VoIP Ch.: 6
Built in VM Ch.: 6
VM recording time: 210min.
PFTU: 4 Ports
BGM: 1 int. + 2 ext.
Plus many more features

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Common Addon Modules

SLTM 8/32 – SLT ports
DTIM 8/24 – Digital ports to allow Digital Phones
LGCM 4/8 – POTS lines
BRIM 2/4 – ISDN BASIC lines
PRIM – ISDN Primary lines.
WTIM 4/8 – Adds system DECT cordless phones