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T19 User Guide

T41 User Guide

T46 User Guide

W52 User Guide

W60 User Guide

iPECS MICRO/50/100/300:

8024/8012 12/24 Button IP Phones
8008 8 BUtton IP Phone
8004 4 Button IP Phone
8002 IPKTS Phone
8002 SIP Phone
WIT-400 Wifi SIP Phone
SLT Phone

Attendant Guide

TELEPHONICS CLOUD: Telephonics Cloud Feature List


Aria 16/20: User Guide Aria 20 LCR : User Guide Aria 20 Attendant
Aria 34E: User Guide Aria 34E LCR : User Guide Aria 34E Attendant
Aria 24: User Guide Aria 24 KP with SLT : User Guide Aria 24 Attendant

Aria 50/130/300:

User Guide Aria 50 130 300KP with SLT User Guide
Aria 50 130 KP external VM
User Guide Aria 50 130 300 KP2
User Guide Aria 50 130 300 Attendant
Attendant/Receptionist User Guide for Aria 130

Other Manuals

Temporis 300/350
User Guide Expresso Telephony Admin
User Guide Getting Started with your Analogue Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Change Date and Time

Changing the time on your phone system is very easy. This is for the all ipLDK and iPECS systems.

This can be done from the main reception phone (700 or 800 in most cases)

  1. Press TRANS/PGM 0 4 1
  2. Enter the date in if this needs to be changed (MMDDYY). If not press HOLD/SAVE
  3. Enter the time in using 24h clock (HHMM) press HOLD/SAVE

Note: While inputting the date or time it does not show up on screen until you press HOLD/SAVE

Reprogram Station Flex Button

To change a station flex button so when you press the button it goes to someone else follow the below

This can be done from any Digital or IP phone.

  1. Press TRANS/PGM
  2. Press the button you wish to program.
  3. Enter in the Station number you want to change it to. If you wish to change it to a off-net speed dial button press speed and enter in the speed bin number
  4. Press HOLD/SAVE

If you have more buttons to program just press the flex button and repeat above from step 2 above. If you are finished updateing the Flex buttons press the Speaker or the Mon key.

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