iPECS 300

The IPECS is a fully distributed pure IP communications system that is a revolution for small and medium enterprises. The IPECS Platform combines IP telephony technology with enhanced voice and multimedia capabilities, at a cost that is aligned with the budgetary constraints of the SME.Easy & Economical UC

The iPECS UCS standard server has UCP built-in. You can utilise video, IM, audio conference, visual voicemail and voice calls on one platform. As an external server the iPECS UCS premium server can also provide various collaboration features.

Increase Reliability with Distribution Architecture

Geographical/server redundancy and T-Net features provide high reliability and makes management very easy for both local and remote offices.

Anytime & Anywhere Connectivity

iPECS UCS mobile client, Communicator, Mobile Extension, DECT, and Wi-Fi terminals are optimized. Mobile communications are available both in and out of the office.

Improved Business Performance

iPECS CCS, IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voicemail, Click Call and Skype for Business are all optimised. These applications enable users to build their own unified communications solution to suit their business.

Simple Installation & Management

Adopts advanced HTML5 based Web admin which is an intuitive simple solution to system configuration and maintenance. The Web Manager Install Wizard presents the basic installation in a series of simple steps.

Efficient investment

You can simply expand your capacity with license options. Invest in additional licenses as your business grows.

Key Features:

iPECS UCS Client Support
Mobile Extension
Auto Attendant/Voice Mail Group
E-Mail Notification
Centralized Voice Mail
Embedded Hotel Features
Embedded SIP
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
One Number Service
Web Administration
Web Call Back
Centralized Control T-NET
System Geographic Redundancy

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